A compelling read, Anthony. Your faith in America and its people is a wonder to behold however I find it impossible to reconcile your vision with the red-hatted sheeple beached on their sofas gushing at Fox News or hooting at Trump rallies, and all the others who are more interested in the latest celebrity gossip than what is happening in this country, never mind the world.

Lost lesson is apt. While I agree with most of what you say and remember a time when friends could walk with you all the way to the gate after you had checked in, I blanch at the thought of going back to that time. Airport security is a good thing, but the way in which it is delivered falls short. It’s frequently horrendous, racist, and causing distress to passengers by frightening the living daylights out of them. This is more an issue of training and approach IMO.

More air marshalls and reinforced cockpits, by all means. Armed pilots though? This may be going too far… I’m very uncomfortable with the right to bear arms — weapons should be reserved to those who need it for their jobs, such as cops, security services, and the military. A pilot doesn’t need a gun to fly a plane.

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