A revelatory piece in many more ways than one, Joao Nascimento. To me, age used to be an instant indicator of knowledge, if not always wisdom. It stood to reason that someone who has lived longer than me should know more because they’ve simply had more life experience.

Alas, this reasoning was deeply flawed. Over the years, I too have mostly favored the company of older men (my current husband is five years older than me, both my first husband and my best friend were nine years my senior) but the unusual life I’ve led to date is often unrelatable and thus alienating to many folks, regardless of what date is is on their birth certificate.

But the opposite is also true: I find myself at home with younger folks who’ve led non-standard lives, and they with me. It quite possible for someone who is 25 to already have lived as much as someone who is 70 if the latter has never left their hometown for example.

Which goes to prove your point: Age is irrelevant when it comes to human relationships. Also, ageism is toxic and something we should eradicate from our culture.

Thank you for sharing your thoughtful point of view.

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