Agreed, George Papa.

Your response has given me much food for thought, for which many thanks.

Without the internet, I likely would no longer be alive so if my take sounds extreme, this is why.

Social media addiction isn’t something I struggle with though. I do not have Facebook or LinkedIn, for example.

I do have an Instagram account but I rarely update it, and I’ve been on Twitter for years as it’s a great tool for journalists. My presence there is very sporadic now that I’ve come back to Europe but the quickest and most effective way to reach me remains Twitter DMs.

I also installed WhatsApp a few months ago so my stepmom and I could communicate and swap pictures as she’s an Android and I’m an iPhone. She’s gravely ill and WhatsApp means I can send her tiny bursts of love and support throughout the day when I’m not by her side.

Otherwise, I use social media mindfully. One reason is that my free time is limited and that my work has me spend the entire day on screens already. As a result, I miss a lot but that’s inevitable otherwise I would never stop and never sleep.

Lastly, interactions that start online can and do translate into “meatspace” ones sometimes. This is something I’ll dive into one of these days, maybe.

The point I was trying to make is that I am one and the same online and offline, and that the people I tend to connect with are those who are similarly… wired. :-) This means weeding out the fake and phony personas that have weaponized authenticity and vulnerability for profit.

I’ve written a few things about this already, about victimhood culture being lucrative etc…

To quote you, “I want the whole thing” too.

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