Alas, James Knight, I'm still very much a human.

But for the added fuzz inherent to spending lockdown getting comfortable with the body I live in and letting it do its thing, there are not other physical transformations. I haven't grown a tail any more than my ears have moved to the top of my head.

I do however continue to catch flying critters one-handed. I can also touch the tip of my nose with my tongue and I even looked up whether it was possible to lick one's elbow. Apparently, many humans wonder the same thing.

Yesterday, this household found itself discussing chickens and what the optimal number of feathered companions would be for someone who eats an egg every day. "And there's always a roast dinner at the end", someone (who wasn't me) said. "You can also make soup and the feet are delicious" (the cherry tree people also have chickens and cluck-o'-clock is never not hilarious as it's about the last thing you'd expect in this super densely populated neighborhood).

And yet, I cannot imagine eating a fellow creature ever again although I have no problem procuring carnivore-appropriate nibbles for cats as meat is what they eat and a vegan diet isn’t what they would choose left to their own devices. Then again, many years ago, our ancient and extremely finicky cat once hoovered up rice-based vegan American cheese, the individually-wrapped square slice kind that goes on burgers.

Everyone loathed that cheese but the cat, go figure!

I do believe something odd is happening in this neighborhood though. A lot of it is down to my imagination but some elements aren’t: The skull and crossbones flag exists. As a case in point, a new cat appeared on the rooftops last night. Unlike any of the other pirates, this cat was pure joy on legs, rolling around on the roof and stretching at leisure while Callisto, concealed behind a post, observed the scene and I took in the show from my balcony vantage point. I see things. I sense them, too. And I’ve been meowing for many years but my purring still needs work.

The moment the new cat left, Callisto hopped onto the roof and sniffed everything for a long time, the gray tabby's joy retroactively contagious.

I'm reframing how I look at life. Cats helps.

Why don't you tell the internet about yours?

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