Alas, right-wing media isn’t solely to blame for the rise of Trump, Wendy C.

US media as a whole failed to take Trump seriously because they were too busy churning out clickbait about what a buffoon he was in the name of capitalism. He was a blessing and a boon for ailing newspapers and a traffic magnet for websites.

And he continues to be.

Americans seeking actual information and quality reporting could do worse than diversity their news sources. Many EU media offer excellent and trustworthy US news coverage that informs and educates instead of polarizing and catering to echo chambers.

The BBC is always good starting point; their analysis is solid and they do many deep dives that are always accessible to the common mortal. French and German media also report in English, and they also offer a lot of investigative content. And then you have cross-border collaborative projects led by the ICIJ, such as The Panama Papers…

Information is readily available but getting it takes a little curiosity and effort. Unfortunately, many people favor media outlets that tell them what they want to hear. And bad journalism — and unscrupulous bloggers — oblige because it pays handsomely.

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