Anti-intellectualism, greed, and capitalism have a lot to answer for here but some of the sentiments behind the protest also make sense to me. (Not the wackos with guns though, that’s plain weird). For example, why prevent folks from purchasing gardening supplies? Physical distancing rules and better hygiene can be enforced for everyone’s safety while maintaining a semblance of pseudo normality.

This is what is happening here in the Netherlands where — shockingly to foreign observers — farmers’ markets are ongoing, with new rules and under the watchful eye of local authorities. They’re at the heart of Dutch life, and being a market stall holder is a livelihood for many.

Unlike in many other countries, the government is trusting people to follow instructions and, on the whole, it seems to have made the whole thing more bearable for the majority. For anyone over 70, it’s a lot harder though, and worse if they are in a nursing home. Isolating them is the only way to protect them but it’s taking a toll on their mental health.

Reason and common sense can prevail if we give them a chance, but America’s individualistic and selfish interpretation of freedom may well prevent that. The rogue elements you mention put everyone in danger.

Alas, the worst of them all also happens to be POTUS.

The only way forward is without him. Until then, damage limitation is the best anyone can do.

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