Are you sure, Meaghan? 🤓 Think again because most people are and you’re probably no exception. 😉

Maybe you cook that dish or dessert everyone loves and can never replicate (my Frenchness is showing, food is a national obsession🤣) for example… but, yeah, I get you.

Too. Many. Success. Stories. While they can be enlightening if executed with humility, honesty, and clarity, they seldom are.

No one is ever self-made for example, that’s quite impossible. Success always take others but many of those who make it forget to acknowledge the help they got along the way when they hit the big time.

The mundane isn’t boring though, there’s magic in daily life if we know how to look.

I’m a huge fan of the ordinary. Not everything in life has to be extra and there’s poetry in the little things, in a loved one’s smile, in an unexpected ray of sunshine, in how a cat rubs its head against you, in hearing a new song that gives you goosebumps, in the smell of freshly brewed coffee…

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