As a city, it’s beautiful and I love it, ATrigueiro.

What’s not so great is that tech has cannibalized it and forced people out. Amazon pretty much ate Seattle (and Tableau ate my old neighborhood), which means rents are sky-high for places that are actual shit-holes (pardon my French). For example, our apartment was in a nice part of town but it was literally made of cardboard and had a massive ant problem, and some other super tiny beasties whose name I don’t know.

What’s happened is that people who’ve lived in Seattle their whole lives and have non-tech jobs are being forced out. For example, a friend got a $300 rent increase and had no choice but to move. This is far from being an isolated case.

As a result, homelessness is soaring, too. Contrary to popular belief, not all homeless folks are jobless. Some work but can’t afford to keep a roof over their heads, and the city’s answer to this was to ban them from public parks. Seattle is becoming heartless.

And of course gentrification is razing down entire neighborhoods and destroying local history to build yet another apartment/condo block (this is also happening downtown). The Seattle I moved to in 2013 is disappearing, most of the Seattle my husband had known his whole life doesn’t even exist anymore…

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