Brilliant first line that made me smile, thanks Erwin C!

The saddest thing about writing this is when it came to finding a picture to go with my words. Entering “touch” into various image search engines was sobering: most of the pictures that cropped up were about… touch screens!

Sometimes there was a human hand or a human finger, but not always. The rest was often a baby’s hand grasping an adult finger, and I might swap the picture for one of those eventually because it’s a powerful reminder of how essential touch is, how innate too.

Regarding teenage Americans, I’ve often found them to be far less streetwise than their European counterparts, still young for their years despite looking like adults. I started every tour with a safety briefing so they would know how to keep themselves and their possessions safe, and some of my no-nonsense advice was far from self-evident to them. (For example, don’t keep your wallet in your back pocket.)

As for the Biden debacle, because I’m a born and bred European who’s only been in the US for 6 years, I can’t say I know enough about who Biden is beyond a former VP to express an informed opinion yet. All I can tell you is that his explanation of being “hands on” as a generational thing makes sense to me, without adding any value judgment to it.

Of course, I’m also doing my due diligence to make up for my lack of knowledge so I can cast an informed vote in the next presidential election.

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