But... how can anyone identify with some orange windbag who whines that life is not fair and plays the victim card every single time things don't go his way?!

Oddly enough, we pussies (this is Kitty BTW, now byline-less but I'm reclaiming pussiness in the name of all stripy flesh and fur-covered creatures) get a bad rap when we behave in ways that suggest we have no agency, be it by going on about 'adulting', 'big feels', or generally complaining about anything.

But Trump somehow is a paragon of strength and masculinity in the eyes of beefcakes and beer guts and truck nuts sporting males?!


Celebrity culture and bragging about wealth--whether actual or fabricated--have a lot to answer for.

As a case in point, when Alex Jones claimed his superpower was being honest, no one batted an eyelid either.

Oh, 'Merca...

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