Cats are obligate carnivores and there’s a reason mine always give me the side eye after sniffing my food: I’m a vegan. They’re not so they get what they need and enjoy, i.e. meat. Sometimes, when it’s a fancy celebration dinner, there’s a micro chunk of carrot or a pea in there.

And they systematically set it aside.

While a vegan diet needn’t be expensive, it can be if you buy any transformed products beyond plain unsweetened soy milk. Anything from tofu to vegan cheese via coconut yoghurt costs a bomb, way more than lentils and rice. In my household, they’re very occasional luxuries, not staples. But their very existence is enough to have created consumerist monsters for whom they’re a status symbol.

Because capitalism.

We’re very quick to judge what’s in other people’s carts and on other people’s plates but, ultimately, it all boils down to means, personal preferences, culture, appetite, and culinary knowledge.

Lest we forget, food is power.

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