Cripes! Thanks for paying attention and documenting the changes, Jonathan Greene. So I guess I was far too idealistic when I wrote a piece about Medium being what you make it…

Here I am literally trying to earn my airfare back to Europe to go support my father as my stepmom undergoes cancer treatment and… yeah. Sounds like I need to get back to pitching, too. The problem is that I’m in a hurry, hence my relying on Medium. Trad pubs can take months to pay you and I don’t have months…

Eff this ess, man. Good on you building your own thing, it’s the only way to go. I’ll need to get working on my own website too, soon, but I have other priorities right now.

Lastly, my “crypto besto” (best friend who happens to be into fintech) suggested I try Steemit. Thoughts???

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