Dang! I’ve written more essays of late but used to write the odd poem and strange 2-min reads so I was looking forward to experimenting more. I hear your frustration, which has been mine for 2+ years and, at this point, is widely documented.

Have you emailed support? This may be the only way to go but you have to be prepared to follow up. That part is hugely frustrating but necessary.

As a concept, Medium is ace but the execution has repeatedly fallen short in innumerable ways. I’m willing to give it another chance but I’ll also be branching out to other media + platforms in 2021.

I see you’re a former journo so I’d be curious to hear more about your perception of the platform. I’m a journo too — not affiliated with or employed by Medium, to be clear — and an enthusiast for anything that pledges to level the media playing field and give everyone a voice… so long as everyone gets to speak, which yet has to be the case here. Traditionally, algorithms have elevated greed and grift — i.e. clickbait that serves up outrage, schadenfreude, and sensationalism —but Medium has announced this is set to change, hence my excitement about the latest iteration.

There’s a ton of talent here — poets, fiction writers, etc… — but it’s currently nigh on impossible to surface, alas.

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