Deeply moving and relatable, Brandon Janous. This is how we’ve been living since September 2018 and there’s no going back. Being French and bons vivants, my parents already had a head start on how to make the most of the moment so they adapted.

They were planning another trip abroad when my stepmom’s diagnosis hit so they took it in their stride. “Instead of going to Cuba, we’re going to Curie!” is how the story always begins because humor is how we deal with everything. (The Institut Curie in Paris is where my stepmom is being treated). At Easter, she tied a large green ribbon around her head, took an adorable and hilarious selfie, and texted it in lieu of a greeting card… Because cancer humor is its own form of surreal.

Thank you so, so very much for sharing this singular reality, a constant fight between pain and grace made possible by love, that essential ‘we’.

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