Essential reading, Allan Milne Lees, and I hope it does help at least the one person realize they’re being played…

The problem is that no one likes to think of themselves as naïve or gullible. When we point this out, no matter how gently, those folks take offense because they lack the ability to think critically or process feedback.

I believe this societal issue can be addressed through education, and more specifically exposing students to philosophy at high school level.

It’s not a thing in the US though, is it? Or even in the UK as people used to look at me baffled whenever we compared our respective education systems, the breadth of subjects covered, and the length of a typical high school day.

Philosophy is taught in high school in France because our culture is deeply rooted in the Age of Enlightenment. This is reflected in the tenor of our political discourse, which is never as simplistic as America’s.

Unless of course it’s the populists talking… But after Marine Le Pen made a complete fool of herself when debating Emmanuel Macron on TV before the last presidential election, even she realized stupid wouldn’t stick.

She was woefully misinformed, which isn’t a good image for a French politician. In the US however, it doesn’t eve matter, which is extremely disturbing and does not bode well for 2020.

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