Everyone deserves help, Samantha Beach, and you’re no exception.

Why would you be?!

No one likes asking for help, and doing so is deeply humbling and uncomfortable (at least it is to me) but needs must. Granted, it’s taken me five years to get to this point but I finally realized I had to own all of my humanity, the good bits, the broken bits, the vulnerable bits. That’s a lot more bits than I was initially aware of, too.

In hindsight, it took me a long time to ask for help because 1/I was terrified of being judged; 2/I believed no one would care; 3/it made me feel like I was pawning away my dignity.

It turns out that I was wrong on all fronts, and random strangers keep proving me wrong day after day. Right now, it is the kindness of strangers that keeps me going, a comment here, an email there, a cup of coffee or two… Every day something good happens, which is quite a change.

So maybe ponder this: If you don’t ask for help, how can people know you need help? xo

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