Everything is Right now and I’m Exhausted

Sorry internet, it’s definitely you

Photo by Tiago Bandeira on Unsplash

It’s not me, it’s you. You gave Trump a megaphone and shitty digital citizenship became the gold standard.

And still we cling to you for dear life and connection and guidance and solace and you keep slapping our eyeballs with the urgency of doom and gloom.

Everything is always the worst with you and there are so many reasons not to and someone is being duped and you were almost honest and some people say unpleasant things to you and about you on the internet. Clickbait Karen and Productivity Bro are having a field day every day.

Algorithms are holding hope hostage while platforms profiteer by proxy from the gift that keeps on giving: Greed cashing in on human misery.

There’s no shortage of material.

Right now.

And probably for a long time to come.

This world is ugly, not because it is broken but because capitalism is making monsters out of us all.

It’s not me, it’s you. You reduced us all to a wide array of vanity metrics where wannabe is the gold standard.

It’s so bad Clickbait Karen and Productivity Bro have tag lines and introduce themselves in views now. We’re not humans anymore, we’re digital marketing campaigns attached to personal brands and we have to stay on message even during a pandemic.

There is no respite, no truce.


You’re playing death metal with our heart strings every day. Our eyeballs have a headache, our hearts have nausea, we have social media marketing compassion fatigue.

What’s real? What’s not? Right now, who even cares?

This world is ugly, not because it is broken but because capitalism is making monsters out of us all.

It’s not me, it’s you. I pointed the finger at me first and it showed me curiosity.

But until curiosity begins spreading, Clickbait Karen and Productivity Bro will not go away. We will rename ourselves all matters of fancy things to differentiate our sameness from everyone else’s. Incurious words will not disrupt the status quo, merely maintain it.

Be the rabbit hole we want to fall into, help us chase those wild ideas all the way, please stop blocking our eyeballs with the effluvia of greed.

Show us the same thing all the time and we will forget how to be curious, relying instead on algorithms to anticipate our interests. And the algorithms will always have a consumer mindset.

Humans are not products on shelves, flat words on a screen optimized for monetization. We are hearts and minds hungering for connection, purpose, and love.

Right now.

And always, but it took a pandemic to make us realize that.

This world is broken but it doesn’t have to be ugly.

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