Ha! I think I’m in the process of remembering, Joao Nascimento. :-)

What’s more, this process has a name: recovery.

It’s a wild ride mind you, one step forward, ten steps back, get back up, dust yourself off, keep going, fall flat on your face again, rinse and repeat.

But it’s a lot more interesting that the slow death of depression and I even get to write about sex these days so what’s not to love? I was cackling when I put this together so even if it doesn’t resonate with anyone other than the two kind readers who clapped for it — of whom you are one — I had a great time writing it.

Sex was my last taboo. It’s not taboo anymore, and I’m a little weirded out by it all.

Because radical honesty is life-changing.

Thanks for reading and responding // Obrigada pela sua atenção.

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