Hello, Anna Carr, and thank you so much for your contribution which really adds to my piece.

What I witnessed those three days is very much what you write: “This is what I would hope for should I ever have to go before a jury.”

I look forward to receiving jury duty summons again. My husband served on an attempted murder case several years ago for under two weeks. He works for a corporate at managerial level and although his being away for an indeterminate amount of time presented huge logistical issues for his team, it never occurred to him to try and get excused.

In his mind — and mine — this is your civic duty as a citizen, no more, no less. You literally put your life on pause for a few days. Of course, he’s lucky to work for a corporate rather than be an owner/operator of a small business, in which case jury duty can mean a substantial loss of income. Those people were earnest and very apologetic when explaining why they needed to be excused, ditto the 18-year-old who clearly didn’t have the maturity to serve.

What I also liked was how low the honorarium was — $10/day — meaning that service can never be construed as a money making endeavor either. I don’t think payment is even necessary though.

Thanks again!

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