Hello, Dylan James Brock! This sentence right here goes a long way toward illustrating how pervading stigma is, and how guilty we sufferers feel for an illness that either strikes randomly or we’re genetically predisposed to.

There is no fault here, ever, unless one attempts to hold the ruthless, unforgiving, and dehumanizing society we live in (i.e. the US, because the absence of universal health care is an exclusively American problem) accountable.

It is my belief America’s capitalist monsterhood makes it a lot likelier not only for mental illness to strike but also lot harder for sufferers to access the care they need, even when they have insurance because the co-pays can be prohibitively expensive.

I am a cautionary tale myself and have lost five years of my life to something that could have been swiftly dealt with were I still living in Europe.

Lastly, what if mental illness were a sane response to American life?

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