Hello, Joao Nascimento, and thank you so much for your thoughtful response as well as the link to your piece. It sounds like we have similar views on depression as well as how to manage it / live with it. Like you, I don’t believe in self-help bullshit (it’s an industry, and not a very helpful one at that), I’m staunchly secular, and curiosity is what drives me.

Hope has never left me, even in the darkest times. I had a long conversation with my husband tonight — it started as an argument and morphed into an actual mutually respectful convo, because miracles never cease — and even though I was hiccuping through tears, I did reiterate that I had never given up hope, despite everything we’ve been through. I think humans are hard-wired for it, regardless of how badly depression tries to corrupt this.

Lastly, feel free to ramble away as you call it. It’s responses like ours that help me gain perspective and see things more clearly.

Thank you again!

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