Hello, Kris!

Anger — in its many guises — is much vilified and frowned upon. As women, we’re often socialized not to let it show, much less express it.

However, I don’t believe nothing rational has ever been done out of anger because anger isn’t always destructive.

Instead, it can be the catalyst for change, experimentation, and even creation.

And for those of us who may have been silenced for a long time — whatever the reasons — anger can be the awakening that gives you your voice back.

This is partly what happened to me and the reason I’m here, but I can’t possibly be the only one.

But I wouldn’t say that anger consumes me. Rather, it fuels me and challenges me, forcing me to come up with new ways to try and get back on my feet and, hopefully, thrive.

It’s short-term fuel though, like that shot of espresso you have when you can’t keep your eyes open anymore but need to keep going against all odds. And it does take its toll on mind and body if not managed properly.

Long-term, compassion wins out, always.

Thank you for your words, Kris.

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