Hello, Nadine JL and thank you ever so much for your kind words and of course the coffees!

Calls to action go against Medium’s guidelines on locked posts, and it is a very good thing that preserves an advertising, hassle-free reading environment.

This is why my footer is worded the way it is, it tells people where to find me (and my cats) and how to reach me, the rest is up to them. I refuse to push and run the risk of alienating anyone. What’s more, when you read my work and clap for it, you’re already helping me anyway.

If every writer put a footnote asking for this and that, it would make for a poor and frustrating reading experience. You’re allowed to include CTAs in unlocked posts but I do not write unlocked posts as I won’t work for free, and that is the one firm rule I have. For more info on why, you might want to read this:

I did think about a GoFundMe and decided against it because I have to trust I can make this happen through my work (as well my little coffee fund that exists to supplement said work). I picked ko-fi.com rather than Patreon because it’s one off modest donation (rather than an ongoing commitment) that enables anyone who wishes to chip in to do so. Much like Medium payments, coffees add up after a while and slowly turn into wings.

And you’re not wrong there, the payments I’ve received for my Medium work so far are a pittance. None of my pieces has yet earned me the equivalent of a professional fee but then again I knew what I was letting myself in for and did not expect to earn as much right away.

Instead, I’m grateful for the opportunity to do what I do and improve on it every single day. I see my work on Medium as an investment in the future, and in myself.

And as an environment, it is full of amazing people from around the world, whom I’d never have met otherwise as my life has been very hermit-like.

Sure, I get discouraged some days and I am exhausted at the moment because I am dealing with many things at once but… I will myself to keep going and I’m coping. And that’s nothing short of miraculous for me.

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