Hi again, Georgia Mrkvicka Westphal!

You can find free high quality pictures on unsplash.com. The key here is to pick something that is somehow related to what you write about, that echoes the gist of the piece or a feeling within it. Say you’re writing about your family, type “family” in the search box and see what comes up. Pictures are key to engagement I’m afraid, we live in a visual culture after all.

I’m more than happy to help with screenshots to show you how to tag your stories (aka assigning them to categories), for example. Here’s what we can do: My email address is my bio so feel free to drop me a line, that way I’ll know how to get back to you and I’ll try and keep it super simple.

Medium is intuitive and once you know how to use it, there’s really no mystery anymore. Alternatively, do email yourfriends@medium.com. They are excellent however bear in mind they can take a few days to get back to you so don’t panic if you don’t hear anything right away. And they may already have tutorials they can send you to help. Either way, they’re helpful.

Your writing deserves more exposure, especially that piece about sexual abuse. Your testimony of bygone days is a gift to the rest of us younger ones who don’t always have much of clue and tend to take too many things for granted.

PS/To reply to a private note, just click on reply and type. The number of characters is limited so if you run out, just hit reply again, type, and so on, and so forth. :-)

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