Hi, Cheney Meaghan!

I’ve been thinking about the same thing lately too, looking back at how much things have changed in the last year.

For me, self-care became a necessity the minute I realized I needed to be functional for other people. I still have a tendency to run myself into the ground and work way too much but if I collapse, I can’t help my parents, I can’t help myself, and all the progress I’ve made in a year is for nothing so I’m being forced to acquire the self-care habit.

Not that I’m good at it yet, but I’m learning. Getting out of my head and focusing on how I could help others has helped me help myself in a roundabout way. I don’t know your particular situation but if you have kids then they can be your motivators.

Before the shit storm hit last September, I had already started knuckling down because (and you’re going to laugh but, hey, I’m aptly named) I wanted to give my two cats a better life. They’ve put up with a lot in rudimentary comfort during the five years I lost to depression and I wanted to take better care of them, including getting them much-needed vet attention.

If self-love is in short supply, start with others and it’ll invariably boomerang back to you.

Lastly, yes, depression is a bitch but you’re still here so you’re clearly a fighter. Be proud of yourself for all that you’ve achieved despite depression.

Heck, make a list and stick it where you can always see it. Better still, publish it here so we can cheer you on!!! xo

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