Hi, Jeff Suwak and thanks for your response. I’ve just had to google the Steve Job Myth, because I wasn’t aware of what it exactly entailed but now I understand your comment better. There’ll always be folks trying to manipulate others, and there’ll always be folks who push back and refuse to be manipulated.

The thing is I’m not sure, as I wrote in my reply to Katy, that the average person actually understands the implications of putting a naked picture of themself online just because they wanted clicks that day.

For my part, I don’t write about anything I wouldn’t discuss publicly with anyone who asked me about it. While I was very uncomfortable with confessional writing at first, I made an effort to try and get to grips with it when I wrote op-eds in a Portuguese newspaper, because I realized it was the only way to get people to pay attention to scourges like homophobia, domestic abuse, or hardship.

The discomfort of sharing so much of what goes on inside my head with strangers remains, but I look at it as growing pains now, inspired by the many folks on this platform who set shame and embarrassment aside so that we might all learn something and create a more benevolent and caring world…

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