Hi, Kathy!

Thanks for sharing your experience. I’m so sorry it took you such a long time to get through to your mom, but very glad you succeeded in the end.

Alas, some people refuse to acknowledge frailty as part and parcel of being human, and I guess my father is among them. Which doesn’t make him a bad guy, quite the opposite. He’s a very funny man. In fact, whenever disaster strikes, he’ll find a way to laugh it off. That’s how he copes. I’ve only ever known him to completely collapse once, and when he did, I was the only one who could talk him back into being functional again. So our bond is strong but it’s also deeply fractured now.

In terms of support groups, I haven’t looked in my area yet so thank you for the suggestion. We moved in January so I haven’t really plugged myself into the community yet. I haven’t had the strength, to be honest.

However, I’ve found a lot of good people online, through twitter. This may help you too so if you don’t know them already, look at SickNotWeak and its founder Michael Landsberg (from Canada but the community is global), Dr1ven (from Cali but also global), and also Aidan O’ Connell (from Ireland, global too) because it’s sometimes a lot easier to reach out to random strangers when you’re stuck. There’s a lot of supportive and non-judgmental folks using those accounts and hashtags, and it makes the world a gentler place.

Take care, Kathy, and thanks again!


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