Hi, Tim!

Thanks for chiming in. I’m aware of Obama’s shortcomings but there’s no denying he certainly did a lot to move this country forward. I actually left France straight after finishing high school, and studied, worked and lived in several other countries before immigrating to the U.S.

My point is that America didn’t end up with the president the people voted for, and that the antiquated electoral system needs reforming to prevent further gerrymandering and such a situation as the current one from ever happening again.

Clearly, some folks are responsible for the result even though the majority isn’t. These people need to be held accountable, too, especially those still supporting the regime in place.

And yes, I did indeed take civics — this is a requirement for naturalization. The practice test was like catnip to me back then.

As for state and local government, I am incredibly lucky to live in WA, which goes a long, long way toward lessening the horror of the current regime.

Lastly, I believe constructive criticism is the sign of a healthy democracy, and that we need to make our voices heard. As you might have surmised, I wasn’t a citizen yet during the last presidential election so there was nothing I could do then.

As for the current commander-in-chief, my approach is to have zero expectation and to remain vigilant.

Going back to France? Well, it’s nice to have an exit strategy should one be needed, I suppose. But I am an American by choice and, for now, my place is here.



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