How fantastically welcoming and exceptionally American of you, my fellow citizen! Truly, James Methvin, you are a credit to our nation and anyone reading your response will be itching to move over here because you make it sound like such an attractive destination.

If I may be so bold, what do you think socialism even is? If I may be even bolder, I strongly recommend you acquaint yourself with the work of one Harry Leslie Smith, who sadly passed away this week. Because you don’t want to hear all this from a jumped up little squirt like me but from people who knew life before socialism and started working as children and saw their relatives die for lack of medical care only to be subsequently buried in the paupers’ pit.

Lastly, for added context — because context is indeed everything — I left France when I was 17 and have lived, studied, and worked in many different countries since then. I’m no spring chicken, I’m afraid. But I like to think all this peripatetic living made me a little more informed and a little less naive about the world, or at minimum a little more human.

Thanks for stopping by, you really shouldn’t have.

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