How very… odd. My bad for assuming you knew anything about the job, because it didn’t come across at all.

I have the growing impression that you have completely misunderstood my “life course” as you call it, and my choices. The article above is by no means representative of said life course but only a snapshot of a period in my life.

I was never seeking affirmation or validation. I just wanted to do valuable and interesting work, which I had the rare opportunity to do. Yes, the circumstances were extreme and it went pear-shaped but it was a worthy, albeit painful, experience. Failure is the best way to learn.

As an aside, while I enjoy reporting and writing, I probably enjoy editing even more. To make someone else words shine gives me immense satisfaction, which is completely at odds with everything you’ve said about me but, in this case, you weren’t to know. Being an editor, or a sub, or a copy-editor is viewed by some as a thankless task as it is generally uncredited. That never bothered me. The thrill of finding the perfect word, the perfect headline is satisfaction enough in my book. I’ve also worked on the technical side of radio news for an international broadcaster and it was thrilling. That role was uncredited, too.

Instead of assuming you know anything about my life or what makes me tick, you’re welcome to ask questions if what I write about sounds bizarre or incomprehensible to you. Chances are I’ll answer, but I reserve the right not to if said questions are, well, nasty. Mutual respect goes a long way.

There’s something I need to stress here, too. I may be in America and an American now, but I learned my trade in Britain and am very much a product of the European Union, ideologically, politically, and professionally. For all intents and purposes, we’re quite different, not any better or any worse than North Americans, just fundamentally different.

PS/ Tour directors come from all walks of life and are of all ages. If you love people, are unflappable, have a command of a foreign language and/or some historical niche interest, you too could have a go. However, it’s not as glamorous as it sounds but it beats sitting in an office.

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