I don’t believe it’s a money-making enterprise, just a collab platform designed to connect creators. The emphasis seems to be on connection and community, not $. It’s based on the idea that creators only ever do their best work when they set themselves aside, i.e. creativity is service rather than self-serving (which gave me pause for thought as journalism is supposed to work the same way).

Hitrecord.org was set up by actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, whose TED talk “How Craving Attention Makes you Less Creative” I came across at random. As you would expect, this talk has already been plagiarized a few times on Medium…

Lastly, I’ve devoted most of this year wondering about monetization, editorial ethics, and creative integrity and, well, I’m convinced the first one cannot happen without the last two. Unfortunately, they’re hit and miss on Medium and a rare personal commitment rather than a platform one. As a result, prioritizing ethics and integrity puts creators at a disadvantage over those who serve up sensationalism, schadenfreude, or outrage wrapped up in tall tales, a tendency the pandemic has only exacerbated, alas.

And yet, there was always a choice but predatory capitalism works best when community is fragmented or simply non-existent. It’s more profitable to pitch people against one another with hate reads and those “I made $10,000 this month on Medium and my Life is Really Stressful Because I’m [insert whatever reason will shock most]”screeds. Those who pen those horrors know exactly what they’re doing but suckers believe they’re here to help and inspire.

I’ve followed your work for ages, Rolli, and rarely — if ever — commented because you’ve seen what I’ve seen so what else is there to say? When Medium showcase grifters on their partner program page, the message is clear. Kudos to you for sticking to your guns and not re-upping your membership. I’m one of those incurable optimists so after a few weeks of deliberation and non-membership, I signed up again for an entire year as a way to show my support toward a better Medium (that was shortly after the partnership with Kap was announced).

I’ve now emailed Medium twice to ask for a refund so I can donate the money to charity because I am very, very, very tired of watching desperate people being conned day after day after day, month after month after month, year after year after year (I’ve been here since 2017, a member since 2018, and this isn’t the place where words matter anymore). This atmosphere literally kills creative spirit and budding talent, which is unconscionable coming from a platform that promised to empower creators. Instead, everyone is churning out the same crap based on the same templates.

Off soap box. Hope your caffeine levels are steady and that you’re keeping warm. :-)

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