I don’t regard immigration as a mistake, Kirk Evans, just as something that didn’t work out because of unforeseen circumstances. And yes, I realize how uncommonly lucky I am to have the option to leave and start again from scratch. Because that’s what I’m doing, as a freelancer on extremely limited financial means.

The European Union is one of the greatest human achievements of our time but it is also in peril, as evidenced by the rise of populism which isn’t exclusive to the US or the UK…

Perhaps one day America will be a place I want to try and call home again, but that time isn’t neither now nor soon. But it’s not because I don’t see it happening that it can’t happen — I shall always keep an open mind.

And yes, America certainly has taught me a lot, albeit the hard way, and I shall do my best to apply those teachings effectively. If anything, it has made me a more civically engaged person; I no longer hesitate to take a stand publicly. Prior to 2016, I had never done so.

These days, we cannot afford to remain silent as this could destroy democracy.

The human condition is not a pathology・👋ASingularStory[at]gmail・ ☕️ https://ko-fi.com/ASingularStory

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