I doubt it unless asked but, in the spirit of service, I probably should collate all my observations and correspondence into an unlocked post, which would likely be quite long. If I can find a way to do it as a dispassionate journalistic endeavor rather than an emotionally-loaded post, I might.

What for, though?

If Medium cared, emails wouldn’t go unanswered and the platform wouldn’t elevate scammers and grifters. But it has and continues to do so: It’s a marketing strategy at this point.

And if users cared, they too would do their due diligence, start asking questions, and demand answers.

Instead, everyone is too scared of being de-platformed or overlooked so the dominant trend is platform evangelizing, hate reads, and “look at what a big deal I am” posts.

Good luck finding ideas, thinkers, and conversation that doesn’t revolve around schadenfreude or sensationalism. Save for in-house pubs and content produced by editorial professionals, Medium is an intellectual wasteland populated with larger-than-life egos — some of whom fabricated — and bullshit on tap, fact-checking optional. Most of the time, you cannot fact-check the author or the story are real. Alas, the average internet user doesn’t have news sense or journalistic training so it’s easy to pass off tall tales as truth. Without accountability, there can be no credibility. In the age of disinfo, this is concerning.

Although they still happen off-screen, creative collabs and connectedness aren’t the lifeblood of this place anymore. Instead, you’ve got grifters playing at editors without the most basic understanding of editorial ethics or good journalistic practices. But hey, they’ll teach you how to make gazillions here, assuming you still have room on your credit card…

TL;DR: We’ve been sold a dud that never did what it said on the tin. Words don’t matter, they’re just filler, so if you take yours seriously, please go into this with open eyes and observe how the ecosystem works. I would advise against paying for membership until you’re sure the platform’s editorial values match yours. I took it on good faith Medium had a vision for a more egalitarian internet that afforded everyone a voice so I invested money and intellectual labor into a system that ended up lionizing greed and grift. A hard lesson to learn but nonetheless a useful one in personal and professional terms. As a concept, Medium remains groundbreaking but the various iterations over the years haven’t delivered on any of the promises made and sold to users. Instead, the platform has been overrun by con artists on the make while bona fide creators or artists have been hung out to dry.

Oof! I had no idea my two thumbs had so much to say.

Dear Ev Williams, if you’re listening, please address those issues, I beg you.

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