I Hide you Everywhere

Because the secret joy of love illuminates everything

There are the times when I can feel the corners of my mouth spontaneously lifting upward before I break out into a smile, the one where the eyes sparkle.

Those smiles are as random as they are frequent now, triggered by nothing more than a burst of gratitude for still being alive.

A smile acknowledges a moment so that I might take stock of how precious this love is, how it demands protecting as much as sharing. And how it makes everything glow with gentleness, bestowing an aura of benevolence upon the world and everyone in it.

This love is the drug we all need, not to get out of our heads and have the trip of our lives but to survive and thrive together, as individuals and as a species.

It is as essential to human life as air and water.

And you can’t buy it, steal it, or demand it; you can only make it.

We are more intelligently designed than we look or behave.

All humans are born with an innate capacity for love, pre-programmed to bond with fellow humans, from kin to mate to tribe.

And, alas, to fear the unknown, which means everyone but our own self. By applying self-inquiry to override the least savory of human instincts, we can however turn this fear into curiosity. Rather than a vast expanse of otherness threatening our existence, the world becomes a global village.

The internet is erasing distances that once used to prevent contact between populations and it is giving everyone a voice. We can be a megaphone for love, a conduit for a society at peace with itself where every human leads a healthy and happy life.

While we’ve always been able to create all the love that is missing, we’re now able to spread it around faster than ever before.

So why don’t we promote that which benefits us all instead of what benefits only us?

Love is harmony and acceptance, a tightrope walker resisting the void and defying gravity with quiet confidence. It doesn’t seek the limelight but prefers to live between the lines, within the cracks, wherever there are is a space it can grow roots, expanding until it blossoms and blooms.

Even in darkness.

Love reaches out, love listens, love waits until it can take over the world, one life at a time. When it comes for you, when that life is yours, it illuminates everything as it consumes the darkness, word by word.

It burns but it doesn’t blind; it burns but it doesn’t brand; it burns but it doesn’t destroy; it burns as it cleanses us from fear. It uses fire management to keep the forest of our instincts in check so they don’t proliferate and endanger reason.

Love is self-aware but needs no introduction; it hides everywhere, in everything, and in everyone.

The more we share, the more there is.

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