I only responded to your use of the term “win”, Joao Nascimento.

As in “I think I prefer to go through hardship with a clear, rational mindset and win, than to delude myself and others.”

I’m a great believer in — and connoisseur of — failure, which is always an opportunity to learn and grow. Setbacks are not necessarily bad things as they enable you to gain critical distance and improve upon what you’re doing.

Your line about deities makes me think of the ones we construct and worship in a secular way aka celebrities. It’s bizarre to me how people will rush to buy something because a celebrity endorsed it or wore it, how they’ll literally worship the ground that other human walks on…

There are a lot of superfans in this country who behave in ways I cannot comprehend, probably because I’m a cynic and tend to view all humans as equals, whether they’re in the public eye or not.

Then again, maybe the need to worship is innate in most humans but you and I just happen to lack it?

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