I very much doubt it, A. Nonymous.

Here’s the thing: We are at the mercy of algorithms whose only goal is to keep users on the platform for as long as possible, whatever the platform is.

This is why clickbait, polarizing content, and sin, suffer, repent does so well even though it does little to move thinking forward.

To me, vanity metrics aren’t a measure of success, the conversations we have and the connections we make are. As Tim Berners-Lee said, we affect the world by what we browse. How content creators choose to understand this is a matter of personal interpretation that varies hugely.

Despite the ever-expanding girth of the online garbage patch, I’m an unabashed internet optimist.

Lastly, many thanks for your comments. 🤓

PS/Do you know the introvert? If not, here’s a thought-provoking read you might enjoy:

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