I wholeheartedly agree with you, Darcy Reeder, and I never said it was. Ultimately, whether or not to try and forge a mutually respectful relationship with our abuser(s) is a personal decision.

The point of my piece has little to do with the above, however.

Instead, I’m vehemently opposed to dehumanizing a fellow human in pain and doing so for profit is unthinkable to me. You’re a journalist, you know these things.

My issue wasn’t with the validity of the message because no one owes those who hurt them anything but with portraying a vulnerable and sick senior without affording them any human dignity at all.

You mention love but love is never resentful, is it? Otherwise it isn’t love, simply duty. So is doing one’s duty worthy of praise or do we humans all have a duty of care toward one another?

Lastly, some diligent and thoughtful edits could have made the piece in question into something extraordinary had it emphasized the author’s compassion.

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