If Human Warmth Were a Reflex…

Would we still be so awkward?

Most experiments are the result of necessity and curiosity.

In this case, necessity made our two humans shiver when they realized the humidity added to the cold and they had come out unprepared.

If slanted pockets provide instant coziness, their parka counterparts always let in too much air when they only open at the top. They also force hands into an unnatural position that can lend an even awkwarder air to the cold person.

This, in essence, is why the parka-wearing human always carries a pair of gloves and the coat-wearing one does not, an omission they regret out loud.

The parka-wearing human smiles; they know how to warm up the coat-wearing human’s hands and protect them from the elements. With a little extra love, one pair of gloves is enough to keep four hands warm.

Hold hands then wear one glove each on the hand that isn’t holding another.

Most discoveries are the result of happenstance and iteration.

In this case, happenstance dictated the parka-wearing human should have left their gloves in their pocket.

Iteration, meanwhile, seeks to achieve optimum warmth for all four hands on a quantifiable and verifiable basis.

Since the free hand could retreat to the relative comfort of a nearby pocket, what if the holding hands wore the gloves instead? They would no longer need to fight a smartphone for space to fit together into a tight pocket; instead, they would be enjoying freedom, together.

The coat-wearing human suggests this change and the parka-wearing human acquiesces as it improves on the original idea.

Most evolution is the result of opportunity and collaboration.

It’s no coincidence that the presence of a fellow human should remind you that you could achieve twice as much as you thought. As one kindred spirit identifies another, the simple act of companionship can unlock imagination.

We humans empower one another; we work best in pairs, in groups, in teams. No one ever goes it alone in life the same way that no one is ever self-made; we are all possibilities in waiting pending mutual curiosity and common goals.

And what is more primal than human warmth? Before we even knew about fire, we already had the instinct to huddle. Then we invented garments, we invented heat devices, and we lost the habit of turning to one another for what we needed most.

We started turning to things instead.

Most alienation is the result of frustration and disconnection.

It’s no coincidence that the presence of a fellow human should remind you that you helped each other escape from both. As one kindred spirit thinks out loud with another, the simple act of companionship can unlock creativity.

Our shared humanness is a gloved hand directing traffic, mindful of all that matters most during our short time here.

Lost in thought, our two humans walked home carrying groceries, their hands, hearts, and minds reflecting upon a deep sense of belonging.

Who are we without one another?

Most darkness is down to an absence of inner light.

You can live in the sunniest climes while it’s always nighttime within.

This is because none of us can ignite this inner light alone, it always takes another person, be it as an idea, a gesture, a word and you never know who might come along and light a fire in your brain, in your heart, in your life.

Whenever you can, be a spark, be kindling.

Take another hand in yours, hold it, and keep walking forward, together.

I’m a French-American writer, journalist, and editor living out of a suitcase in transit between North America and Europe. To continue the conversation, follow the bird. For email and everything else, deets in bio.

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