Indeed Jonathan Greene, no one should rely on Medium for anything however there sadly are people who do, I know at least one for whom Medium seems to be the only form of income. For my part, I joined to get back into the habit of writing, and initially to try and pull myself out of this long-lasting depressive funk.

As for earning my transatlantic airfare, clearly that’s a super tall order but then again why not? 24h after writing you a first response, I’m making a conscious effort to shed my cynicism about it all. My approach is to observe and ask questions, and I’m doing so by reaching out to support whenever something isn’t clear. And they’re really good. And if I ever find out anything interesting or unexpected, you can be sure I’ll report back.

Re capitalism, what else can we expect when this is the modus operandi of an entire country? Those of us who come from a different culture need to adapt in order to survive, or perish. I must admit this is quite difficult for me on an ethical level and causes a fair amount of daily outrage. Then again, America is where I live, and one of the passports I hold so I need to get with the program, socialist sensibilities notwithstanding. Besides, America sadly doesn’t value the arts, unlike France, where I come from. Here, the arts are just commodities to be exploited for profit. It pains me to accept this, but it’s a fact.

So far, my Medium experience has been overwhelmingly positive on a human level and I’m going to try and keep it this way. What I’ve gotten out of it is largely intangible in terms of connection and self-confidence. The few bucks I received as a reward for my work is the cherry on top.

All this say I’ve chosen to stand by my words. Should this ever change, I’ll delete the piece below:

I wish you well with your creative and community endeavors. They sound ambitious, generous, and worthy, and I look forward to finding out more when the time has come for you to share. Onward!

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