Invisible illness is the worst, Joao Nascimento, whether it’s physical, mental, or both. If you don’t look like there’s anything wrong with you then some folks are quick to dismiss your ailment(s) as malingering.

That’s certainly been my experience with chronic depression. As you rightly point out, chronic anything is problematic because it means you’ll likely never be rid of it. Instead, the best you can do is learn to accommodate and mitigate it. It’s basically like having unwanted guests in your house and they’ve overstayed their welcome but refuse to leave. Worse, they’ve moved in for good and you’re the guest now.

I wish you all the strength and the mental agility required not just to keep going but to thrive. Based on what you write and how you write it, I’m confident you’ll get there because an enquiring mind is the best travel companion one can have in this life.

Thank you for your honesty.

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