It is pieces like these that give me hope, Marley K.

Perhaps all is not lost, perhaps America can change…

Then again, after 243 years and the current political situation, I doubt it.

Today feels like a funeral wake but I’m heartened to read some people are aware. Keyword: some. More than likely, we’re all what the regime considers “lesser” (POC, LGBTQ, immigrants…)

As I said to my family last night, I’m glad I’m abroad this year so I don’t have to witness the hypocrisy with gritted teeth again.

It doesn’t mean I don’t care — alienation and rage never leave me. Where do we find the necessary hope that’ll keep us pushing back against the Trump horrors? In whom? 2020 looks so bleak…

And if we the people are our greatest hope, well, we need to do much, much, much more, so much more.

Will we though?

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