It sounds like it may be a generational thing, Tom Gregg. Oddly enough, I had a similar conversation this morning with a writer who said he was raised not to brag about money. I believe you two are a similar age.

For me, it’s cultural as talking about money isn’t the done thing in Europe. You can spend your entire career alongside the same folks in the same company and even become close friends but salary will never ever be discussed.

But younger Americans seem to be obsessed with it. Look at Medium and the ongoing tsunami of pieces about how much one makes… it’s a truly bizarre phenomenon.

And yes, America as a wholw thankfully contains multitudes and not every American is a greedy capitalist. It’s just that those who are have a tendency to shout louder than the rest.

Thanks as always for your comment. I don’t always reply but I do value your input — you’ve helped me understand America better so please don’t stop! 🤓

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