It’s never too late for your son to witness what it’s like when a man worships the ground his mom walks on, Bonnie Barton.

My father met my stepmom around the time I got married to my first husband, some 24 years ago. (I married super young, not the smartest idea in the world as that marriage lasted 3 years)

I spent the first years of my life witnessing two people who had nothing in common argue constantly and experienced deep relief when my parents divorced. I then watched in horror as my mother entered into a relationship with a truly abhorrent character after that but my father and stepmom are a match made in heaven.

To this day, they still model what true love is and means. My stepmom is gravely ill and my father’s devotion to her knows no bounds. Every single day, those two are teaching me what love is. They’re in their 70s now.

So don’t worry about your son; he’s got a lifetime to learn how to be a good man.

Meanwhile, I hope you meet a partner who shares your values and wish you much happiness even if you don’t.

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