I’ve been a lot less stressed since I came back to Europe, Agnes Louis, and that’s despite my very non-standard and unpredictable life.

Even random convos are different in Europe. People are genuinely interested in what’s going on at home and abroad, even if abroad is sometimes limited to EU and US.

And solidarity is very much a thing here.

We’re always having passionate debates about anything, be it a controversial writer’s latest book, the latest transnational alliance of two high-speed train networks, or the best recipe for a particular dish.

Watching America from abroad is uncomfortable but not as uncomfortable as being there. I’m often asked to explain America to Europeans and there’s a disconnect every single time.

Intellectually, they understand what I’m saying. Morally, they’re quite unable to parse any of it, especially when it comes to poverty, health care, and education.

The Brits — who are closer to Americans than any other EU country in terms of culture thanks to sharing a language — are just as befuddled as the French. Or the Dutch. Or the Portuguese.

The alienation I experienced for years in the US is starting to make sense…

Thanks for stopping by. 😍

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