Modern-day slavery it is, Marley K. and I wonder how much longer those government employees will keep going like this. And when they no longer do, who will take over? Say TSA folks stop showing up for work, who keeps our airports safe then? The army? How far are we from martial law, exactly?

Why is this even allowed to happen? Why aren’t there legal provisions in place to prevent shutdowns?

I may have a blue passport but I can honestly say I don’t understand America at all. I don’t think the rest of the world does either.

And many thanks for the shoutout. I don’t have it in me to write about politics much anymore, however… I did when I believed people and the media would push back en masse against the orange oik. I trusted America to become self-aware and it yet has to. And I find myself unable to accept any of it.

Hope you manage to hang in there somehow, Marley. Set up the coffee fund already, so we can send you a cup of morning joe every now and then, I beg you! :-)

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