No, I have to disagree with this, Michael K. Spencer.

Curation is a seal of quality and it is most definitely earned. However, it’s worth noting curation does not guarantee engagement, just extra eyeballs that do not always translate into reads and claps.

If curation were capped, the platform would be awash with even more garbage than it already is as it would incentivize folks to focus on producing as much content as possible, further drowning out interestingness.

What Medium could do instead would be to indicate whether an article has been curated when it is hosted by a publication.

As things stand, non-Medium publications are often used as a place to bury bad work and not all editors apply strict editorial standards.

I know for sure that Jonathan Greene does with Assemblage; he doesn’t accept people’s cast offs and is very clear about his publication’s mission.

Alas, many writers whose publications have no outside contributors and are being used as a personal blog simply focus on publishing as much as possible, quality be damned.

It’s always a pleasure to think out loud with you, please keep those pieces coming as there are many of us asking the same questions you are. But don’t forget to take care of yourself so you don’t burn out in the process, Mike.

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