No. Just no, Michael K. Spencer.

You don’t just wake up one morning and play at journalism, it doesn’t work that way, and an op-ed in a newspaper does not a journalist make. Not the same skill set although a trained journo with experience will be able to turn their hand at almost anything.

At the risk of repeating myself (which I do, often, sorry about that) journalism is a profession that abides by a strict code of conduct and some ethical principles which bloggers are neither familiar with nor aware of. At least of the tenor of the discourse on this platform is anything to go by.

While not all journos go to J-school, those who don’t were trained on the job and paid their dues, and I’m not talking about union fees here.

It would take far longer than a Medium comment to unpack how journalism works but to conflate it with blogging makes a mockery of what is already one of the most reviled professions out there so please don’t.

This isn’t to say a blogger with keen observational skills, a strong news sense, and a working moral compass cannot break into journalism if an editor gives them a chance, however.

In the UK, the distinction is very clear: journalists do journalism, writers write books, and bloggers blog on the internet.

In North America, everything is muddled up, which doesn’t help Joe Public understand why journalism plays such a vital societal role in the first place.

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