No, Stephen Sovie, I don’t think it’s you.

There’s indeed a new get-rich quick scheme on Medium which is to write about how to write on Medium, otherwise known as the “self-referential rabbit hole of doom” (that’s what I call it anyway).

This niche blossomed the minute Medium allowed the monetization of stories about the platform; writing anything about Medium has now become the quickest way to make bank. To wit, there’s even one self-hosted publication dedicated to Medium and money but marketed as, ahem, inspirational.

TL;DR: Guess who’s footing the bill? *sigh*

If you want to write a piece guaranteed to do well, try a headline that has both Medium and money in the title and Bob’s your uncle, as the Brits say.

It is truly depressing as this constant tsunami of garbage drowns out in interestingness and original thinking altogether.

NB: As a rule, articles about Medium don’t seem to be subject to curation however there are exceptions.

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