No worries here, Robin Klammer. I stopped seeing that doctor and in fact didn’t see anyone for two years until October. Also, I was never on any pills. He prescribed, I shrugged, often bought them but tossed everything out in the end.

The only thing I had to take once was something to knock me out after the election fried my brain and I couldn’t sleep at all for days on end. I took a half dose and had an adverse reaction so yeah, that wasn’t the doctor for me.

I’ve since then found a human who listens and works with a team who also listens and sends me to specialists who… also listen. Seems to be the defining characteristic of that particular medical group so I’m in good hands. Now if they find me a way I can access therapy, I’ll probably soar but that’s very unlikely because it’s a ridiculous expense.

Still, my body should be fine eventually. :-)

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