No worries, Holly Bradshaw, thanks for stopping by.

Sex writing that is graphic yet executed with editorial skill is a great read but the kind of copy I had in mind is amateurish in nature, poorly edited, and inevitably devolves into voyeuristic slapstick comedy. Pure clickbait, in other words.

Erotica, on the other hand, is awesome but again, it’s a genre that calls for great editorial dexterity and vocabulary. I keep wondering whether I should have a go one of these days because, to me, sex isn’t shameful, it’s like breathing, as Theon Nord pointed out above but the temptation to turn it into humor may be too great to resist. Sex is that one topic that puts me in a good mood, you know? ;-)

Another challenge for another day, perhaps.

If I may, can I point you in the direction of the excellent Allan Milne Lees who writes about many things with great wit, including sex? And of course Joe Duncan.

Men writing about sex are in short supply here, or maybe I haven’t found them yet.

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